Who We Are?

WordInSentence.com is a free, fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow online platform providing example sentences and the use of words for creative purposes like writing, translating, etc. We offer a range of word tools to aggregate and list the most related sentences matching the word you type.

Who Uses WordInSentence.com?

WordInSentence.com is a very useful online sentence example source for everyone including students, teachers, writers, poets, translators, speakers, etc. It is very simple to use and everything is on the same page.

WordInSentence.com Mission

WordInSentence.com offers so many sentence examples as well as the use of words and phrases in different contexts. Whether it's a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or anything else, you will also find the right sentences containing it.
You just need to input a word in a search box and we will bring a list of best sentence examples. WordInSentence.com uses AI algorithms and advanced word tools to return the best search results in seconds.

WordInSentence.com Vision

WordInSentence will continually be working hard to become the world’s largest and most trusted site for users in seeking out example sentences as well as how to use words in a sentence properly.

Simple Steps To Use Wordinsentence:

Step 1: Type the word you need to search for the sentence pattern in the search bar above
Step 2: Here the system will quickly search and return you sample results containing the keyword you searched for. Keywords are also bolded so you can easily follow
Step 3: In addition, you can also search for related keywords at the bottom and in the left column for more examples.
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