How to use Fistic in a sentence

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Sentence Examples

1. Their exercises in the early morning include Fistic arts, fencing, calisthenics, folk dancing, walking and mountain climbing.

2. The Fistic play is the fundamental for any beginner of Baimei Fistic play.

3. Ducklike Fistic play, mimics the odd behaviors of duck and then combines the funny forms of waddling, paddling, or wing-spreading, etc with the elegant techniques of both hands and steps in practice.

4. Woman Fistic upsurge tends after the show with one dramatic act insipid , that is the sexual distinction on boxing stage big fight.

5. Southern-Styled Sparring Routine of Contest is the sort of comprehensive Fistic play which is based on traditional one of southern school in order to satisfy the specific requirements of contest.

6. Students of boxing will pore over the trio of Ali-Frazier fights, which rank among the greatest in Fistic history, as one might read three acts of a great drama.

7. Its characteristic is that its movements is closely related to Hui s laboring, daily life and customs. It consists of Fistic and bird flying movements.


Tips to remember how to use "Fistic" in sentences:

  • Understand the meaning and type of that word in reputable dictionaries like Cambridge or Oxford to understand the basic meaning of the word "Fistic".
  • Through the example sentences that we give above, understand how to use the word.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of the word, the correct pronunciation will help you remember the word better.
  • Read the whole sentence containing the word "Fistic", this will help you familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of the word in the sentence.
  • Learn to associate the image or action of the word "Fistic" through the meaning of the examples, this will help you remember the usage of the word longer.
  • Do not forget to practice many times with useful sentence patterns so that you can remember them for a long time.
  • Combine practice and make your own sentence patterns containing the word, you will progress very quickly!