How to use Security for a loan in a sentence

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Sentence Examples

1. He asked her to pledge the house as Security for a loan.

2. A life - insurance policy may serve as Security for a loan.

3. Something given as Security for a loan; a pledge or guaranty.

4. A pawnbroker is a person who carries on the business of accepting goods by way of Security for a loan.

5. A pawnbroker is a on the business of accepting goods by way Security for a loan.

6. He deposited the deeds of his house with the bank as Security for a loan.

7. After learning that Old Madam Hong has given Zhizhong a piece of land as a Security for a loan, Mingming is very annoyed. She rushes to Taipei and has a bitter dispute with Old Madam Hong.


Tips to remember how to use "Security for a loan" in sentences:

  • Understand the meaning and type of that word in reputable dictionaries like Cambridge or Oxford to understand the basic meaning of the word "Security for a loan".
  • Through the example sentences that we give above, understand how to use the word.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of the word, the correct pronunciation will help you remember the word better.
  • Read the whole sentence containing the word "Security for a loan", this will help you familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of the word in the sentence.
  • Learn to associate the image or action of the word "Security for a loan" through the meaning of the examples, this will help you remember the usage of the word longer.
  • Do not forget to practice many times with useful sentence patterns so that you can remember them for a long time.
  • Combine practice and make your own sentence patterns containing the word, you will progress very quickly!